What Is A CNAM

What Is A CNAM?

is short for CallerID Number.

Jess also includes integration with CNAM provider service providers. Access to CallerID information, if any, is also included in your call recording.

Due to caller ID blocking, it may not be possible to see the caller’s identity. The state and location associated with the number will also be displayed

Jess Phone Tracking allows you, callers, to be identified using CNAM. Jess calls tracking is free and allows you to identify callers by using CNAM.

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Great customer service and brand loyalty are key ingredients to running a successful business. Trust has to be built before they will trust you.

People are more skeptical of brands today than ever. A CNAM is an easy, but critical technology that can transform your call strategy.

What exactly is CNAM?

CNAM stands for “Caller Identity Name.” However, it’s not the exact same as callerID. CNAM enhances caller identification, which is what most people see on receiving a call.

Caller ID won’t display your phone number. This is because most consumers aren’t able to remember their phone numbers and area codes. This is not good for credibility.

It displays 15 text characters under your telephone number. It improves callerID by displaying your name or business name to your recipient.

What does the CNAM do?

How does CNAM work?

Normally this is only possible if your company subscribes via the phone carrier to CNAM. Partner DialMyCalls for the CNAM and you don’t have to pay extra fees or fancy technology.

Every phone carrier has its CNAM database. This is known as a CNAM database repository. They can be trusted and are directly provided by your phone carrier.

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