Vonage Unlimited Minutes Limit

Vonage World plans allow unlimited international calling to 60 countries. Vonage won’t provide this information unless asked or if your outbound calls exceed this limit. This is not stated in the service’s terms. Vonage states that most subscribers use about 1,500 minutes per month to make international calls. While I understand the reasoning behind this number, I would keep track of my usage if there was a limit. The limit was discovered by me because of relatives who were visiting me from overseas. The limit was discovered by me because I had relatives visiting me from abroad.


Every Vonage account must have at least one Unlimited or Unlimited mobile Unlimited Extension. Mobile Unlimited Extension has all the same features and limitations as Unlimited Extension, but it can only be used on one device (cell phones, tablets, and laptops). It can be used on multiple devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Metered Extension Billed at a flat rate for talk time, including outbound and internal calls. Voicemails are unlimited.

While they offer the same benefits and features as Unlimited Extensions but are more suitable for phones that aren’t used very often, metered extensions work better. If you are looking to set up a call center or any other telephony service, just signup on Ajoxi. We offer the USA Virtual Phone Number in US 989 area code,204 area code, and many other areas. We are also specialized in different products Call Nation. If you want to know about the Vonage free phone calls, visit the Vonage free phone calls.

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