Vonage Canada Toll Free Number

Canadian toll-free number

You should normally use this site’s dialing instructions to call a number toll-free in the US or Canada. If the call goes through, it will normally inform you that your call isnâ€TMt free.


US toll-free phone number 1 800000 0000 could be dialed from the UK, by adding 00 to it: 000 1 800 000.0000

Canadian toll-free number 1 800 000 0000 would be dialed if calling from the US. This is because both countries use NANP

It is possible to dial North American telephone numbers without having to travel to North America. You can do this by changing the 3-digit toll-free codes with other codes from years past.

880 replaces 800. Therefore, the UK to US example above would be: 001 880 0000000

881 replaces the number 888. Here’s another example: The call US to Canada above would be: 1 81 000 0000

882 replaces

883 replaces

These codes were originally designed to be used for calls to NANP toll-free numbers. Callers would pay international charges, while call receivers would pay their respective national toll-free rates. According to this announcement, the codes were apparently retired in 2004. However, I have been hearing reports that they may still work as described. It seems they can be used to replace regular North American toll-free numbers when dialing from any country.

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