VOIP Zimbabwe

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the transmission of voice calls over Internet Protocol. This is different from GSM and traditional switched networks like PSTN, which are expensive.

Zimbabwe allows VoIP traffic, but only local VoIP traffic. Bulawayo citizens can phone Harare from Bulawayo via the Internet. It was previously illegal to receive or make international calls through the internet in Zimbabwe.

The Chronicle in Zimbabwe carried an article that stated that POTRAZ had granted Econet permission for them to set up an international calling card platform in Zimbabwe. The so-called ICC runs VoIP using the signaling protocol session initiation plate (SIP).

He explained that the International Calling Card (ICC), a mobile telecommunications platform, granted authorization to the provider of the cards to be sold in foreign currency last week. Econet’s application to implement the system was approved by the Zimbabwe Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ZPRA) more than a year ago.

“The ICC product is one of the innovative products we have developed in partnership with a United Kingdom-based service provider. Subscribers may purchase recharge cards in foreign money and make international calls using the system,”

Based on its licenses from POTRAZ, Econet was a GSM and 3G wireless operator as well as an Internet service provider via Ecoweb Zimbabwe.

Telecontracts, TelOne, and Ecoweb, hold the IAP B license. This is an internet license that allows them to transmit data using the internet only. Econet is now granted IAP Class A, which permits VoIP.

Econet announced recently that VoIP had been made legal in Zimbabwe. That would be some great news.

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