SIP Call Forwarding

SIP call forwarding

UAS enables you to forward or reroute incoming calls.

Call forwarded and forwarding capabilities are available to application service providers (ASPs) in order to offer call forwarding/call transfer services that comply with the SIP Standard

Must-have Prerequisites To Use SIP Transmit and Call Forwarding Additional Service

SIP implementation

*Ensure your Cisco router uses the minimum amount of memory.

*Set up SIP-compatible voice functionality in your gateway.

*The Refermode will not work if the dial-peer isn’t available, just as with other SIP call calls.

Load Cisco IOS 11.2(11),YT

Register to Configure Hookflash

The Tool Command Language IVR2.0 is required to enable Cisco IOS Phone Transfers (and Forward Supplemental services functionality) and Cisco IOS Phone Transfers.

Further Information About SIP call Transmitting

Get help setting up SIP Forwarding or Call Transfer.

*SIP Forwarding TCL script

*SIP Portal initiation phone transfers

*SIP Telephone Forwarding

Blind Contact using SIP

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