Singapore Cell Number

Singapore’s area code 65 can be used for calling it. Singapore international phone dialing 65 uses area numbers.

The table below shows the different Singapore codes. You can call international using the complete Singapore dialing numbers.

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has officially designated Singapore +65. The Ministry of Communications and Information of Singapore has introduced the Info Communications and Media Development Authority Bill of 2016. This Bill also names all of Singapore’s mobile phone numbers.

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How does Singapore’s ISO Country Code (or ISO Country Code), function?

Each nation gets one code from the International Organization for Standardization. Singapore’s is 3166-2.SG.

Singapore dollars serve as the country’s official currency.

Singaporean citizens will see the price of goods and/or services in Singapore as SGD. This is to make it easy to distinguish between currencies inside the USA and Canada.

What are Singapore’s country codes and cities?

It is noted that the International Organization for Standardization assigns a country code to the country of 3166-2.SG. SG refers to the code as

These codes are not intended to be used for making telephone calls, or for the ISO.

The ISO numbers have absolutely no bearing on Singapore’s Zip codes.

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