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What is the Session Border Controller, and what does it do?

Session border controllers regulate IP communications flows. SBCs allow for the protection and management of VoIP networks. SBCs can manage all types of VoIP communications, including VoIP, chat, and IP-video chat.

How does the Session Border Controller operate?

ASCs are responsible in managing IP communications signalizing.

Multivendor compatibility – SBCs control SIP. They signal stream heads and send messages to mitigate multivendor issues.

Protocol interworking – SBCs enable interworking between diverse protocols (i.e.,, as well as various codecs. (i.e., Transcoding

For quality assurance, SBCS requires call acceptance control (CAC), a marking service type (ToS), rate limitation, or rate limitation.

Session Routing — SBCs route sessions from network interfaces. This is done so that there is high availability, lowest cost routing (LCR), but also high availability.

How session controllers operate

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing provides a cloud-based service that uses the SBC on the network’s edge. It operates between Microsoft Phone System-managed networks. Phone calls are made by Teams-enabled device and sent to Microsoft Phone System via the Internet. This will route session details to the Internet. SBCs can also convert data between different SIP dialects.

SBCs make it possible to convert between multiple voices and video codecs, including H.323, V.711, and & V.729. SBCs let you transcode signals with different quality bandwidths. This is possible in some cases. This allows communication sessions between multiple vendors to flow seamlessly.

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