Call Center Configuration

A fully integrated telecom management product provides advanced Automatic Telephone Distribution capabilities.

Call Center offers the following benefits:

The call center agents can effectively handle calls and manage the state of automatic distribution (ACD).

Integration of online directories through Click-To–Dial capabilities

Supervisors within Call Centers have the ability to monitor queue and agent activity in real-time

Supervisors at Call can provide historical reporting to agents and line activity.

You can modify this article to configure the Call Center.

Call centers temporarily suspend calls in the cloud when there are no other queue members. Call Centers offer an automatic “answer,” which can also be customized with comfort messages or greetings for the caller.

When an agent isn’t available, queued calls are routed directly toward the correct agent. Every call queue includes a lead phone number. This number is available for outside callers so that they can reach the agents at the queue. Call centers receive an internal extension that allows them to dial in internally to reach agents in the queue.

The Call Center service provides additional visibility into each queue’s calling activity via various reports in addition the cloud-based Call Queuing functionality.

The Call center configuration Key allows you to access Call center functionality, as well other modules.

This key can be activated or disabled via the License configuration page.

Configuration key allows you to create forms.

These forms are available after the configuration key has been activated.

Configure call center settings

After setting up your call center, you can choose the default values.

Click on Start.

Find Installed packages.


Click Installed Packages in Build

Configure the Genesys Cloud Package next to the Installed Packages Page.

Click here to select a version of the Call Center Definition under Choose a Call center.

The managed package will contain two files for call centers: one to Lightning Experience (Genesys Cloud Salesforce Lightning) and one to Salesforce Classic.

Salesforce lightning Experience provides information regarding setup and limitations.

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