What are Website Templates?

What are Website Templates? Every Kirsir web hosting account comes with access to a huge database of free website templates, downloadable right from within your cPanel! These high quality professional websites are industry targeted for quick customization and come in both HTML and Flash versions. They are perfect for anyone - hobbyists, businesses, affiliate marketers, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs - or anyone who needs a website online fast.

Website templates are complete websites that are already fully designed by professional graphic designers. Each template includes the relevant web pages, images, Flash animations, placeholder text, and links for that template. All necessary source files and code is included within the .zip file - .html, .psd (Photoshop), .fla (Flash), etc. You simply find a template you like, download it to your computer, and then update and customize any part you want with an editing program like FrontPage or Dreamweaver. If you're reluctant to consider web templates for your website, we implore you to give them a chance and have a look because they have evolved tremendously over the years to offer a professional, stylish, and easy option for every business, entrepreneur, or hobbyist!

Completely Free

The professionally designed templates available within every account's cPanel are 100% free to use. There's also no limit to the number you download. This allows almost anyone to be able to put up a website quickly. We believe this is a terrific advantage for our clients.

Huge Selection

Purchase any web hosting account and you'll get access to a huge selection of professional website templates. They have been conveniently categorized by industry so you can view those relevant to you. Of course, if you prefer a template design from a different industry than yours, simply customize it with your own logo, images, and colours to better match your brand.

Fully Customizable

Website templates are completely customizable. Because all source files are included within the .zip file, you can change anything you want from colours and images, to pages and text.

Quick & Easy

Our free website templates offer quick turnaround time. In fact, your website could be up within the hour! The process is easy - simply search for a template you like and immediately download a zipped folder containing all the files you need such as .html, .psd, .fla, .swf, font, images, clipart, etc. Add your logo and content and upload the pages to your hosting account. It really is that easy!

Industry Targeted

All website templates are categorized by industry for easy browsing. With 114 uniquely targeted categories, simply select your most appropriate and download your favourite template. You can even choose a template from a completely unrelated category because once you add your own images, logo, and text, the template will be unique for your needs.

High Quality HTML & Flash Designs

Our website templates are developed by professional graphic designers and web designers. They are contemporary and stylish and most come in two versions - HTML and Flash. You may choose to download whichever version you prefer. Flash websites are dynamic with moving animations while HTML offers a more traditional static website.

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