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Website Marketing Tips In today's information age, it is imperative that your company be marketed online in an effective and strategic manner. Every business should consider search engine rankings, increased website traffic, and conversion of visitors into customers a vital aspect of their long-term success. It's not enough to put up a website and hope it magically gets found by customers and search engines. It won't be! Regrettably, too many businesses do just that and land up losing out on the opportunities the web offers. You wouldn't open up a brick-and-morter store and then sit by the window until someone walks in would you?

You must actively target your market and give them tangible reasons to come to your site. All businesses from small start-ups to large corporations benefit from some level of internet marketing. The only differences are the objectives, timeframe, and budgets set out by each.

High Quality Professional Websites

Customers are increasingly checking out companies websites for more information. Based on a recent study, they know within about three seconds if the site is 'worth' staying at. Yes, you heard it right, three seconds. Time is valuable online and your competition is always just a click away. And, unlike in a store or on the phone, a sales person can't quickly grasp what your customer is looking for and sell your services.

For these reasons, it is vitally important to market your business with a professional website - one that's aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. It's not economical to try and market a poorly constructed or amateurish site. Specifically pay special attention to the following:
  • Adherence to web standards and accessibility providing superior quality and a greater number of possible visitors
  • Clean and logical navigation so your customers can quickly find the information they seek
  • Stylish design that compliments your established brand so customers immediately recognize you and how your services can help them

Informative Content

Customers are almost never going to initially come to your website for your phone number or email address. You need to give them a reason to visit so that you can sell your products or services. Having well written informative content on your site has the following two advantages:
  1. Gets indexed by search engines and helps bring people in
  2. Answers questions your visitors may have in their minds that may be preventing them from taking the next step and contacting you
Also effective is to offer additional information that your customers may find valuable. Always add content to bring customers in, keep them there, and keep them coming back to you.

Search Engine Optimization

Google, MSN,, Yahoo!, AOL
Search engine optimization is much more complex than simply submitting a site to Google®. There is no quick fix. Increasing rankings takes diligence, experience, and determination. Depending on your goals, current situation, and budget, consider implementing any of the following strategies:
  • Upgrade and enhance code to adhere to web standards which is inherently easier for search engines to read (increase content to code ratio)
  • Review accessibility and text-centric features such as strategic header placement, alternate text, and title attributes
  • Perform detailed keyword density and weight analyses
  • Analyze your competition
  • Submit your site to over 150 global search engines
  • Incorporate web page content front loading where the most important aspects of your page are placed near the top
  • Reorganize navigation, structure, and/or web page content
  • Increase high quality inbound links from relevant sites
  • Develop a site map page to give search engines one convenient spot to find and index all your pages

Pay-per-click Campaigns

One of the most popular types of web marketing campaigns are those where another site displays your advertisement in their relevant content and you only pay when someone clicks the link and visits your page. Google Adwords is probably the most popular pay-per-click advertising but there are many more as well. All offer varying benefits. These strategies are a great way to increase traffic to your website because the ads are displayed on pages relevant to your business. That means a higher chance that your target market will see your ad and visit your site. Those types of visitors are highly sought after because they're interested in what you offer and easier to convert into customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your site and gain new customers. A partnership is developed with another site to send customers to you in return for a commission on each sale. Companies such as Wal-Mart and use these strategies because they realize that they accomplish the following two very important tasks:
  1. Act as part of sales team driving new customers to you
  2. Create another inbound link to your site from a page with relevant content

Opt-in Email Advertising

You've probably seen the check box at the bottom of a form that asks you whether the company may send you promotional material or the like in the future. Or, you might have signed up for an e-newsletter. If you 'opt-in' you'll receive periodic emails about the latest sales, news, or industry trends. This is not spam because you've allowed it to be sent to your inbox. If one of your customers has agreed to receive your information, they are already interested in your company and services and more likely to be receptive of what you have to say.

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