Customizing your Template

Customizing your Template After you choose a free template from inside your cPanel and download the zip file to your computer, you are free to customize it any way you want. If you are simply adding your text, logo, and images, customization can be quite simple with a program like Dreamweaver or FrontPage. If you have experience with HTML, you can quickly customize your template yourself but you can always get someone to help you if necessary.

Each template includes all necessary source files like images, HTML pages, Photoshop files, Flash files, etc. These files can be altered in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Flash, Fireworks, etc. You can modify anything you wish - colours, logos, text, images, positioning, web pages, Flash animations, and more. When you're finished customizing, simply upload the files to your web hosting account.

Templates from Non-Relevant Categories

Since templates can be customized any way you want, you do not have to choose a template from the same industry/category as your needs. Once you add your relevant images, logo, and text, the template will match your brand. So, if for example, you are a wedding planner, you are not limited to choosing a template from the Wedding category. If you preferred a template from say, the Flowers & Gardening category, feel free to download it! Adding photos of couples on their special day completely changes the template so that it's relevant to your needs.

Professional Template Customization

For more website templates, Kirsir offers over 6,500 high quality HTML and Flash website templates from our template specific website - A1 Website Templates. You'll find quick and easy web design templates, logos, icons, corporate branding, forum and blog skins, online store templates, and much more all developed by professional web and graphic designers.

Templates purchased through our A1 Website Templates site can be customized by our customization partner. This is a great option for someone who wants a template, but can't customize it themselves. For more information, please see our Template Customization page. - Thousands of the Best Web Templates!

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