SSL Certificates

Secure Encryption In order to provide SSL encryption on your website and transmit information securely, a SSL certificate (or digital certificate) needs to be installed on the server. A SSL certificate is authorized by a Certification Authority (CA) such as VeriSign, Comodo, Thawte, or GeoTrust. A certificate validates a domain name so that visitors know they are dealing with the real website they intended to visit and encrypts all information transmitted.

Digital Certificates Basics

Digital certificates are essential to enable encryption of information transferred on the Internet. They are usually purchased for one year at a time and are non-refundable. Renewing a certificate for another year involves purchasing a brand new certificate from scratch. When a certificate is no longer needed, simply let it expire as you would a domain name.

SSL certificates reside on the server where your website is located and contain 'public' and 'private' keys. When users visit your site, their browser uses the public key provided in the certificate to send the server a message. The server (and only the server) uses its private key to unlock the message. A secure encrypted dialogue is enabled.

A digital certificate is specific to one domain name only (i.e. it will not work on another domain/IP address). Because the certificate must match the domain it's installed on, a dedicated IP address is also necessary so that no other website uses the same IP. When first installed, your site may appear as being down since your computer will be remembering the old IP. Usually this resolves within a few hours.

Users visiting your site will access your secure pages via https:// (instead of http://) and have a yellow lock displayed in their browser where they can click to see your certificate and check that it is valid and authorized for your domain.

Shared vs. Private SSL Certificates

All Kirsir clients may use a shared SSL certificate. Because this certificate is installed on our domain (remember, all certificates must be installed on one domain only), visitors will receive a certificate warning message if they try to access pages using your domain instead of through ours. This may be acceptable for certain types of pages.

For sites where protecting customer or credit card information is vital, a private 256 bit SSL certificate is a better choice as it will be specific to your domain. No warning messages will appear with a private certificate.

Buying a SSL Certificate

Kirsir sells private Comodo 256 bit Positive SSL certificates for $99.95/year. This includes free installation on your account. To renew a certificate after one expires, a brand new one must be purchased.

Before ordering your SSL certificate, ensure your WHOIS information is up-to-date on your domain name. If you have privacy enabled, we may require a screenshot of your information (from the back-end).

Order Now - SSL Certificate and Installation

Note: A Dedicated IP is required for a SSL certificate to work. If one is not already enabled on your account, either add one to your cart and pay for it with your certificate OR place a separate order for a Dedicated IP later.

Installing/Reinstalling a Certificate Purchased Elsewhere

If you buy a digital certificate from another company, it must be installed on the server each time it is renewed or reissued. Installation of all certificates is $25 (Kirsir certificates include free installation).

Before ordering installation, you must obtain a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from us so that your issuer can generate the certificate to work on our servers. Email to get your CSR. When the SSL certificate is issued by the certificate provider, they'll send you three different groups of alphanumeric data - 1) the final SSL certificate, 2) the RSA private key, and 3) possibly a CA bundle. Our order form will ask for this information so we can install your certificate.

Order Now - Installation Only

Note: A Dedicated IP is required for a SSL certificate to work. If one is not already enabled on your account, either add one to your cart and pay for it with your certificate OR place a separate order for a Dedicated IP later.

Reissuing a Certificate

If you need to change the domain or WHOIS information contained in your certificate before it expires, you must request that it be reissued. For certificates purchased from Kirsir, the reissue is $50 and reinstallation is free. If you purchased your certificate from another company, then they handle the reissue and the certificate must then be reinstalled by us.

Order Now - Reissue Only

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