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About Us In business since 2003, Kirsir Internet Solutions is a Canadian web hosting company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We offer innovative and reliable web-based products and services to our clients across Canada and the U.S. Our professional team is experienced in the IT industry and has extensive knowledge of hosting technologies and the Internet. It is our goal to provide friendly, honest, and helpful customer service and support at all times.

Management Structure

Curtis Kopeschny, Owner

Curtis Kopeschny is the owner of Kirsir Internet Solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba and is also an honours graduate of the Information Systems Technology program at Red River College. He is passionate about the Internet and its business opportunities and has a strong customer service background. Curtis is proud to provide web hosting to clients that is reliable, affordable, and feature-rich.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Curtis is excited to be part of the Winnipeg business community. Before forming Kirsir Internet Solutions, he was a web developer for the Government of Manitoba and provided web consulting services to small businesses in Winnipeg.

"As owner, I want to personally welcome you to Kirsir. Our team continually strives to provide you with the highest quality web hosting and Internet-based products that will exceed your expectations and help build your brand online. We will always treat you with respect and provide honest, helpful customer service and support. If you ever have questions, don't hesitate to ask because we'd be more than happy to assist. Thank you for your business and support. It is appreciated!"

Curtis Kopeschny, B.Sc. IT
Owner, Kirsir Internet Solutions

Curtis is the Website and Graphic Co-ordinator at Empty Arms Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds and awareness through education and charity events to advance plausible and promising research into SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Kirsir also hosts their website. SIDS is a sudden and unexpected death of a seemingly healthy infant under one year during sleep and whose death remains unexplained even after a complete post mortem investigation. Curtis' nephew Kyle Roy died from SIDS on Feb. 11, 2011.

Products & Services

Web Hosting

Kirsir specializes in Linux web hosting that is both affordable and reliable. We offer multiple hosting plans that are priced competitively and provide lots of disk space, bandwidth, and features. In fact, our goal was to ensure that each of our plans comes with everything needed for both business and personal accounts without having to add-on items. It just doesn't make sense to us to offer hosting without basic functionality as email, FTP, or php scripting yet many companies do just that.

Every Kirsir hosting plan already comes with industry-leading cPanel Control Panel, multiple email accounts, Fantastico Pre-installed Programs, php scripting, MySQL databases, free website templates, FTP access, subdomains, parked domains, and more. Clients get access to our advanced Client Area with knowledgebase, support ticket system, and account management.

Domain Names & SSL

In addition to web hosting, we also offer all types of Domain Registration including .com, .ca, .net, .info, .org, .us, .name, .biz, and more. eCommerce clients and/or those wishing to secure their websites with SSL encryption also have the opportunity to purchase one of our SSL Certificates.

Website Templates

Kirsir is proud to offer thousands of pre-made website tempaltes enabling anyone to get a website online quickly and easily. Every hosting client gets access to a huge database of downloadable free website templates from within their cPanel. They are industry targeted and come in HTML and Flash versions that are perfect for anyone who needs a website - be it the hobbyist, business, or entrepreneur.

For an even greater selection of premium templates, we invite you to visit our targeted A1 Website Templates site, with thousands of web templates that are fully customizable, professional, and stylish, and priced considerably less than a custom site (which can also take weeks to complete). There are many types of templates, for both business and personal use, including online stores, blogs, forums, corporate identity, and more. We are extremely pleased to be offering these cutting-edge websites to our clients!


Our clients consist of all types of people and organizations from around the globe. From a small home-based business to a large-sized ocorporation, we can host your website and emails. If you're an entrepreneur, hobbyist, small business owner, affiliate marketer, student, real estate agent, or just someone who needs web hosting for your site, we can help. We provide our services to those in Winnipeg and Manitoba, as well as across Canada, the United States, and abroad. In fact, our American and international friends can take advantage of the lower Canadian dollar as our hosting prices are listed in Canadian funds.


Since our inception in 2003 as Kirsir Web Development, we have provided a wide range of Internet-based services to small and medium sized businesses. Over the years, we have offered custom web design and development, Internet programming, eCommerce, Internet marketing, and search engine optimization, web hosting, domain names, and website template sales. In 2006, we changed to our current Kirsir Internet Solutions name to better reflect our primary services related to web hosting.


Kirsir Internet Solutions strives to achieve the following goals:
  1. Offer high quality web-based product and services that exceed expectations
  2. Build strong customer relationships and provide friendly, honest, and helpful customer service
  3. Help people build their business brand on the Internet with a quality website and reliable web hosting
  4. Encourage a non-intimidating environment where clients feel comfortable asking questions
  5. Be a productive member of the Winnipeg business community

Brand and Slogan

Many people ask us what the name 'Kirsir' means or how it came to be. It's actually very simple! When you surf the Internet you use your mouse to move the cursor on the screen. Since we are Internet-based we decided to take the word 'cursor' and spell it differently for a unique name. Hence, the Kirsir name was born! The logo symbol (sphere) refers to the global nature of the Internet and the cursor refers to our name.

Kirsir Internet Solutions Logo

As for our slogan 'Your Site. Hosted Right.', we felt it was appropriate since Kirsir is dedicated to quality web hosting services that are reliable. Our slogan reflects this high standard by indicating our devotion to doing things right and not just doing things to get them done.

Your Site. Hosted Right.

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Your Site. Hosted Right.
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